•• What is proper etiquette? ••

Negotiating rates will not be accepted or tolerated. Upon arrival, please provide the cash donation in an envelope or card at the beginning of our time together placed in plain view. Though a true gentlemen would never let me ask, I'm happy to remind should you be swept off your feet during our first encounter.


Cleanliness is key during engagements and proper hygiene is expected. There will be toiletries available for shower during incall. At your place, I expect the same level of cleanliness otherwise the engagement cannot be fulfilled. 

Updates are greatly appreciated whenever you find yourself running late. Knowing you'll be a few moments behind is always better than being left in the dark. Should you need to shift the time a bit, a couple hours notice is greatly appreciated.

•• Boundaries ••

During our date I will let you know if you are crossing any personal boundaries. Should this happen more than once (after being initially informed) the engagement will come to an end and the donation will be forfeited. You were looking for an ebony escort in Toronto and possibly one who was fetish friendly. You must remember though; I am human. I do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour. For our lives outside of the fun, consistent communication through text or email will not be tolerated. As stated in my introduction; I have a career outside of entertaining. I will not carry on conversations that aren't related to engagements with me. 

•• Deposits & Extended Dates ••

Engagements that are 4+ hours in length require a 50% deposit. Determined on length, these must include dinner and/or breakfast, an outing in addition to personal downtime (separate from uninterrupted sleep).


All great minds think alike which is why you are not the only one interested in booking me. With this, there a several emails I must efficiently read through to ensure I can fulfill and meet all expectations.

Due to my career, I am not able to reply immediately though I do my best in responding to bookings and inquiries in a timely manner. In addition to this, depending on the chosen screening method, it may take some time to verify information. Speaking of - there may have been some key information missing which is required for all bookings.


•• Cancelling an appointment? ••

As you know; plans change all the time. Understanding this, I require notice at least 24 hours prior to our engagement when cancelling. You will not be able to book with me again should you choose to cancel last minute or are a no show. However, under certain circumstances a cancellation fee can be arranged through deposit upon booking again.


Cancellation fees are as follows:

24+ hours in advance = 50% of donation 

Same day = 100% of donation
No shows
 = 100% of donation


Failure of payment will result in being unable to reschedule or book in the future​. Should you find yourself needing to reschedule (same day - less than 24 hours), the 50% donation may be used towards the new scheduled date.